Charly Black says he ‘Loves Every Woman’

Diamond-selling artiste Charly Black says that having given the ladies ample instructions on how to ‘dash out’ over the years, he has decided to switch things up in his latest single and honour women by giving them a song to make them feel good.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR recently, the Party Animal singer revealed that his latest track, Love Every Woman, was released on Wednesday and said it will be a tribute of sorts to every female, regardless of complexion, race and size.

“Lately, we a hear a lot about women and how some a dem feel about how dem look, and we just wah do our part as artiste fi make dem know dem nice anyhow. The female dem always make me feel nice. Ever since me buss inna 2007 until now, a dem represent for Charly Black, so me did affi represent fi dem like this,” he said. “I want dem to know dem look good, whether dem black, chiney, white, purple, pink; cuz without the females, Earth wouldn’t feel so nice.”

Love Every Woman is out now on the artiste’s VeVo channel. It was produced by Sky Star Music.

The entertainer, who recently signed a deal with Universal Records, is gearing up to release the first single off the album he’s supposed to drop with the international music label. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that the album will take him to a higher place in his career.

“March 15 is when the first single from my album will be released. That song is going to be a club banger! It’s going to do well on the charts all over the world, the country boy is telling you this,” he said, adding that he’s focused on putting together a proper body of work as he eyes a Grammy nomination. “Anything else released after this will be on the album. You won’t see many songs from Charly Black like how yuh used to see me flood the market, because is album time and I need to be nominated.”

He said that a Grammy nomination would make him feel proud as a new dancehall artiste who has been putting in the work over the years for Jamaica.

“I’m not trying to be in any competition with no other artiste. Me just a gwaan do my thing and stay inna my lane and do things to the best of my ability, nuh chupidness,” he said.

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