OMI salutes the police

OMI has released a new song and video titled To Serve and Protect. It pays tribute to the Jamaica Constabulary Force and was written before he started his recording career.

“This so happens to be one taken from the vault. It was recorded years ago and it is just one of those songs that had to be written. But we were waiting for the appropriate time for it to be released,” said OMI.

He continued: “A very important factor in this business is timing, careful planning and execution, especially when you are dealing with a sensitive topic that will provoke negative and positive thoughts and views amongst people.”

Before he became an artiste, Clarendon-born OMI was a member of the JCF. He gave insight into what inspired To Serve and Protect.

“The inspiration behind writing this song came from the fact that I’ve lived it; this was a part of my journey. Music is a universal language that transcends all barriers and pulls all cultures together. As an artiste, I am inspired daily to use my skills to articulate and communicate life’s circumstances and experiences,” he said.

The remixed version of Cheerleader was a mega hit for OMI in 2015. He toured the world and even opened a concert for pop superstar Taylor Swift.

He keeps tabs on the crime situation in Jamaica, as well as challenges the police face fighting criminality.

“I know I am taking a bold step to highlight the great work of our police force that most time is hidden or seen through a clouded lens. After all, crime, violence and law enforcement is never a welcome conversation,” he said. “But I think if we also celebrate the police force for serving and protecting us, the conversation becomes balanced versus one-sided, and our little brothers and sisters will get an inspired view other than fear.”

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